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Kay has a passion to help people experience the very best that LIFE has for them. She firmly believes that physical fitness can be the key to help people unlock their truest potential in all areas of LIFE…

She has a holistic methodology for all training and with the philosophy that working out requires more than just your body, it’s mind, body and soul. Her degree in Sport and Exercise Science along with being trained with the APPI (Australian Physio-Therapy and Pilates Institute) means her  method of training ensures people train with the correct bodily alignment allowing them to exercise in a safe and injury preventing environment as well as aiding training for injury rehabilitation and prevention. 

Her natural bubbly personality means classes or individual training sessions are full of life, energy and you are guaranteed to have fun and have a giggle.

She has a love for all sports and the outdoors. You will often find her out and about on a run or out paddle boarding. She always makes the most of any opportunity to do any of her classes outside (when the English weather permits).

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